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A breakthrough treatment approach, Ellex 2RT™ - Retinal Rejuvenation Therapy - retains the therapeutic benefits of laser therapy whilst eliminating the thermal tissue damage inherent in conventional retinal photocoagulation. 2RT™ is Ellex’s proprietary nanosecond laser therapy that stimulates a natural, biological healing response in the eye to slow the degenerative processes that cause retinal disease, including AMD.

Retinal Rejuvenation Therapy stimulates a biological healing process that results in cellular rejuvenation, renewing the entire transport mechanism of the retina and improving the hydraulic conductivity of Bruch’s Membrane. In suitable patients, this rejuvenation process preserves or improves functional vision and reduces disease progression.

Ellex 2RT™ utilizes an ultra-short nanosecond laser pulse that allows the precise and specific delivery of laser energy to nano-sized targets within the cellular structure of ageing RPE cells – without causing collateral damage to the overlying photoreceptor rods and cones of the retina.

  • 2RT™ utilizes Nanopix™ Technology comprising solid-state nanosecond laser technology and a pixelated beam profile.
  • 2RT™ induces a mononuclear cell response in the treatment of early AMD, including the stimulation of microglia.
  • 2RT™ eliminate the incidence of heat damage to the retina and surrounding cells in the treatment of CSME.