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The SCHWIND Corneal Wavefront Analyzer offers all the possibilites of an innovative topography system.
This includes the analysis of corneal wavefront data and thus a particular precise diagnosis in the symptomatic aberrations of the cornea.


Facts and Features:

  • High resolution of one micrometre

The Corneal Wavefront Analyzer fulfils the extremely high requirements of precision with resolution of one micrometre.
The smallest of irregularities is identified with the aid of more than 80,000 analysis points.

  • Easy Measuring

The measuring process does not require any medical pupil dilation - the eye can be measured in its natural shape.

  • Automatic repeatability tests

The Corneal Wavefront Analyzer also analyses several images from one measurement by comparing them and assists the planning of the treatment by its selection of the best image quality.

  • Two different measuring heads for reliable results

By means of two geometrically different measuring heads, deep-set eyes as well as small eyes can easily be measured.

  • Corneal Wavefront Analysis

The corneal wavefront analysis by SCHWIND has redefined the measurement of corneal topography. It documents the type and size of all optical errors existing on the anterior corneal surface and allows a high-precision diagnosis.
It also provides all key topographical information needed to enhance IOL power calculation and IOL selection.

  • Integrated pupillometry function



Facts and Features:

  • "2 in 1" system for a quick, three dimensional analysis

The "2 in 1" system provides a quick, three dimensional analysis of the whole cornea and the anterior segment in only one step.

  • More than 100,000 analysis points

The extremely high resolution of only one micrometre and more than 100,000 analysis points detect the smallest of irregularities.

  • Contact-free measurement

The contact-free measurement allows an analysis of the complete corneal wavefront, the topography of the anterior and posterior corneal surface (including the tangential and axial curvature) as well as the anterior chamber.

  • Detailed descriptions

Keratoconus Screening: The SCHWIND SIRIUS offers detailed descriptions of the morphology as well as the classification of the keratoconus.

  • Corneal pachymetric map

In addition, the version with SCHWIND SIRIUS provides detailed information on the entire anterior segment of the eye and all necessary information for a pachymetry assisted laser keratoplasty (PALK) thanks to the Scheimpflug camera.

  • Integrated pupillometry



The two versions of the SCHWIND Combi Wavefront Analyzer integrate a range of unique functions and thus contribute to optimal surgical and diagnostic decision-making.
They combine alternatively the abilities of the Ocular Wavefront Analyzer with the abilities of the Corneal Wavefront Analyzer or the SCHWIND SIRIUS diagnostic system.



  • Extremely high resolution

The extremely high detail resolution provides the foundation for a comprehensive and particularly precise diagnosis with the Combi Wavefront Analyzers.

  • Comparison of wavefront data

The corneal and ocular wavefront data of a patient can be compared in both combinations of diagnostic devices.

  • Detailed information with SCHWIND SIRIUS

The version with SCHWIND SIRIUS provides detailed information on the entire anterior segment of the eye and all necessary information for a pachymetry assisted laser keratoplasty (PALK)

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