Ophthalmology . Surgical Specialties

Our story began in 1969 when brothers William and Rolf Schmidt co-founded Sharpoint, Inc. From their garage workshop they developed the technology that would set the standard for producing ultra fine, premium ophthalmic surgical products for the next 50 years. In 1986, a significant portion of the business was acquired and folded into the Alcon Laboratories portfolio. Five years later, the remaining part of the business was renamed Surgical Specialties. By the mid 1990’s the Schmidts were once again advancing technology, serving as directors of Unique Technology, producing flat-stock surgical blades as an OEM supplier to Alcon and other leading private label brands. They also founded VPM Surgical to further advance blade-making technologies and supply wire-stock OEM blades. In 2018, things came full circle, as Unique Technologies and VPM Surgical were acquired by Surgical Specialties, owner and manufacturer of the Sharpoint brand that the Schmidts established in 1969. Today, Surgical Specialties continues the legacy of excellence in ophthalmics that began 50 years earlier.

Surgical Specialties is proud to offer a broad range of proven solutions designed and manufactured to help surgeons be at their best at every step in every procedure.